P.Q. Juvenile Partridge Silkies


Argues with Goats
9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
I have for sale 4-5 Partridge Silkie chicks, hatched on June 11 of the current year, which makes them about 2.5 months old. Very cute; they are only pet quality because several have only 4 toes on one foot, making them un-showable.
Mostly cockerels; I may have 1-2 pullets in this batch. Pullet(s) is $12 (each). Please be aware this is only about 80% accurate sexing.
I'm willing to sell individually or all together to knowledgeable homes only. If you are interested in adding some of these Silkies to your flock, please email me at [email protected] as my PM inbox ran out of free space. Thank you!

PHOTOS OF BIRDS ARE COMING ASAP. I have photos of both parents to show you if interested.

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