Pacing panicking chicken


Sep 8, 2019
Scranton, PA
my one pullet is pacing the coop in a frantic, going in and out of the nesting boxes scratching all the bedding out. Some of the other chickens are now pecking at her. She is 25 weeks and also seeing impaired. She has never acted like this before and I’m very worried. I felt her abdomen and it seems fine so I don’t think she’s egg bound, her comb & wattles are red, & her poop isn’t runny. But it does seem as if she’s panicking about where to lay. When I hold her and pet her she calms down until I stop. She is also a black australorp
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Being vision impaired, she may have missed a lot of social cues that the other girls picked up on, thus not understanding what is going on. Do you have some fake eggs in the nest boxes? Or golf balls? I think she may need a sign, so to speak. I bet you will have an egg from her soon.
I agree with @so lucky it sounds like she's getting ready to lay an egg.

Sometimes pullets are quite dramatic or anxious when they come into lay and they work it out.
Sometimes a hen is like that too - I have one that is over a year old and she paces, squawks, goes in/out of the coop and boxes - it's a whole scene to watch - she's done this since she started laying...for her it's "normal".

Anyway...I bet you get an egg soon :) Ooops! I just saw your update!! Congratulations on the EGG :woot

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