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  1. Hi! I just realized I have an 18-ct styro egg carton from 2006 (it has a Hinkjc Mt Poultry label) that I use weekly for storing eggs and the hinge-y part is beginning to fail. I will have to retire it. But gosh it's been well-used. I think it may be the oldest, most well-used egg carton in the world.
    I got some 'eggs-for-hatching' in tri-fold clear cartons I won't use and would only pass on to an enemy (I *can't* throw them away, but haven't found anyone annoying enough to pass them on to).

    Is there something somewhat *disposable* that you have used past its "normal life" for what-ever reason?
    "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without".
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi Lisa,

    I think you need to have a chat with hinkjc, that carton should have lasted longer than 5 years! She should replace it for free.

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    I have a winter coat with hardly any lining in it anymore. Neither pocket holds anything, the belt is crumbling, and the lining sags beyond he bottom hem. It was my grandmother's (she's still alive) and she sold it to me at her garage sale for a dollar. I think I may invest in a new liner, if I can find someone to make it for me. Otherwise, I'll wear it until it dissolves.

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