Painkiller and dosages?

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    Two days ago my oldest Jake managed to break his right leg and fracture his left foot, in the same motion [​IMG] I have him splinted and vet-wraped and he's not going into shock. His open wounds have been banaged and/or covered in red-cote (More or less Blue-Kote, but it keeps the tissues soft and moist, and it smells funny [​IMG] ) and he's been chilling on his side on a different towel every two hours (Poop issues [​IMG] ew ) and alternating sides everytime I change the towel or he gets restless. So, I was wondering if there was a good over the counter painkiller I could give him to keep the inflamation down and help ease his discomfort. [​IMG] He gets two crushed up "Tums" every night for calcium (gotta re-grow alot of bone in there [​IMG] ) and 3 1/2 cc's of birdy multi-vitamin I normal save for newly hatched chicks. Every other time I offer him water, I mix in un-flavored infant electrolyte. As you can see I'm pretty prepared and know exactly what to do, aside from this painkiller crisis [​IMG] any input is welcome [​IMG] Thank you in advance -Holly

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