Paint in run


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Apr 25, 2015
Camano Island, WA
Hello! My chicks are being "coop trained" right now but I'm about ready to set them free into the run! When I painted the run structure, drops of paint fell into the grass here and there….I tried to rip it out but may have missed some of the green because it's camouflaged. Will they be ok if they eat a bit now and again (they're at 7 or 8 weeks old) or do I have to reallllly get down in there? I don't want to poison the girls! I can't free range where I am so they will be confined to the run.
Was it newer latex paint? If it is still tacky id spray it down with the hose or just toss some dirt on it and rake it around. Unless there is big gobs of paint you should be fine.
It's latex, but I did it last week so that ship has sailed. No huge gobs, though…I ripped out as many blades of grass as I could. Thanks for the encouragement! I need to get these ladies out of the coop!

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