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  1. Up for auction are what I believe to be a pair of paint silkies, but due to their young age, I cannot guarantee this. I find paints difficult to sex until they are older. They are just over 3 months old and are from a paint on paint breeding pen. Both have black skin with just one of them having a small amount of pink on the bottom of one foot. Both have light eyes. Toes are perfect on both of them.

    This pair would be perfect to breed to nice blacks.

    Shipping is $60.00 which includes a new Horizon box. If it is less than this, I will be happy to refund the difference. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the safe arrival of your birds that are shipped. We've never had a death in shipping birds, but it is inherently possible.

    We ship with a hardware cloth wire floor over shaving so the birds have excellent footing for their trip. We also include feed and two shipping waterers which are reusable.

    Shipping would be Monday, Dec. 5th.

    Because of a recent rash of non-paying bidders, please contact me prior to bidding if you are new to BYC or have no feedback. Thank you for your understanding.





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    What are acceptable temps for shipping? I have only ordered birds one other time and they were shipped early in September after the weather had cooled down a bit.
  3. The temp on both ends should be below 85 degrees and above 32 degrees.
  4. PoultryQueen29

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    [​IMG] Are you trying to kill me with all of these paint silkies??? First the chicks and now these. I swear they're haunting me.

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    I know you should cross to black~~but they make such a cute couple !!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hey Judy check your link, it took me to an injured deer story.

  7. Oops!! Sorrry all!! Yes, that is the link.

    Very nice black cockerel...and everybody will be looking for one early spring!! I always have about 20 emails with people looking for one then and I'm always sold out by then. This is the last cockerel I will have for at least 4-6 months.

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