painting the inside of your coop

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    May 10, 2007
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    I'm building a 8x12 shed that will be the chickens new home. It will have linolium floor for easy sweeping/cleaning.
    But with the hens pooping while roosting I'm sure it will get all over the place such as the 2x4 studs on the walls and on the wooden nests, etc...
    I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to paint the whole inside with a good exterior paint that could handle being sprayed with the hose once in a while.

    Anyone here paint and hose-out the inside of your coop?
  2. silkiechicken

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    I would paint it. I have exterior latex base and then red exterior paint on the inside of one of my little coops and boy it makes cleaning a breeze! The high quality paint I used for the walls and such, I can take the little spade and just scrape along it to get off moist poo... the crappy can of paint I used for the floor on the other hand... comes right off. Next time I run across some more funds... I gotta redo the floor... The one I speak of is just 4x4 though, as the rest of my coops are tractors.
  3. I used the white painted masonite panels, joiners, and corners they sell at Home Cheapo. I did the ceiling as well as the walls. The floor is a linoleum remnant that has the edges rolled up the walls about 6 inches. My coop is insulated with R-19 pink rolled insulation, so I needed it covered with the panels. I won't hose mine down, but they will be washed and disinfected during the warm weather.
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    I'd for sure paint the inside (PRIME it first!! really truly. Scraping and repainting sucks), probably with good-quality semi-gloss or gloss exterior-grade paint, latex by preference.

    Parts of my tractor are painted inside, parts (that I thought would never get pooey) aren't, and the latter, which of course do occasionally get pooey after all, are MUCH harder to keep clean.

    But, to repeat, prime well first. Honest. It is WELL worth the extra expense and work.

    Good luck,


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