Pale comb after dog bite

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    One of our chooks is under the weather and I'd really appreciate any advice! We have 3 little bantums that we picked up from someone else nearly a year ago. When we got them they were in bad condition (I didn't know much about chooks then and didn't realise until we got them home) - they had bad worms, cocc, and their nails hadn't been cut so their toes were all turned over. They'd been kept in an avairy so not used to being freerange. Anyway, their feet are much better now we clip their nails, and all in all were pretty healthy and happy little chooks. About 6 weeks ago, a dog got into the garden and grabbed one of them by the tail. We manged to get him off straight away, but the poor thing still had a few big puncture wounds in her back/tail. Took her straight to the vet and they stitched her up. We kept her seperate and applied cream to the wounds for a week or so until she was strong enough to be back with the others. The wounds cleared up quickly - now you'd never know it happened and all her feathers are back too (what a relief!).

    The problem is that since then, she has not been quite right. Her comb is very pale, and it shrinks more every day (now it is almost gone). Shes stopped laying and spends a little more time sitting/snoozing then she did before. She still eats well, but slightly less than before (I think this might be because the boss-chook chases her away sometimes). Could this just be the effects of the trauma/injury, or do you think she could have something else wrong that needs to be sorted? We've talked about taking her to the vet, but don't want to stress her for no reason. She doesn't have any other real symptoms. In another thread on here someone said that a pale comb could be a sign of anaemia. She did lose some blood, perhaps this could be the reason? Would that cause a slow colour change and size in comb?

    I got some multi vits to add to their water to see if that will help perk her up, but she doesn't like it and so doesn't drink much.. They get treated regularly for cocc and worms so hopefully that shouldn't be a problem either! About 6 months ago she did get sourcrop, but got that sorted and she doesn't seem to be showing any of the signs this time (before the was stretching her neck alot and regurgitating liquid). Any help/advice would be gladly received!

    Thanks in advance! :)

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