Pale comb... after not during very heavy moult

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    My bluebell had a very heavy moult a few weeks ago and yesterday I noticed her comb go very pale. Today it is still pale. It also looks smaller than usual?! She has a full set of feathers back now but just wanted to check if this is normal or do I need to do something?? She seems ok within herself but just concerned as its after her moult. She's stopped laying but I expected that with the moult and assume it won't return for a fair while. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything or need to do anything. They were wormed a few weeks ago and it's very cold here in the U.K. At the moment. Any advice welcome. The middle pic is a couple of weeks ago the bottom pic today and the other pic from a couple of days ago. She has always had black flecks on her comb and been de liced etc. Thanks.
    Can post pics if needed.
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    I think she is just at the tail end of her molt - she looks okay to me.

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