Pale comb, lethargic, droopy tail: egg bound?


May 16, 2010
Washington State

So, one of my girls (my best layer) is having problems. It's been unseasonably warm here, and I've closed the window in the coop, so it's not getting much air. The reason I mention this is that the last time she had these symptoms I think it was related to overheating. Here's what I came home to at lunch: she was up on her roost and panting heavily with her tail drooping. One of my other girls is broody, and was in her nest box not panting. I opened up the coop and took down the panting one. She was pretty docile about it- usually they hate being picked up. I put her on the ground by her treats (tomatoes and string cheese) and she wanted little to do with them. I sprayed the ground in the shade with hose water to cool it off and led her over there. She hung out in the plants, seeming to like the coolness and drank some water off of the plants. Her comb is very pale, and the skin around her eyes is paler. When I picked her up, her abdomen feels larger than the others', but not tight. I can't feel any hard lumps. It didn't seem to hurt her as I lightly squeezed. Oh, and she has some runny poop stuck to her feathers- not much, though. It's white and yellow, but not mucous-y.

I had to go back to work, so I had my fiancé check on her, and he said she stopped panting, but was just laying in the grass. When I got home (2.5 hours later) she was still laying in the grass, and still has a pale comb, but only sort of opens her mouth- not the active panting like before. She seems only a little improved. Her tail is slightly perkier. I've read through a bunch of posts, and I'm just not sure if she's egg bound or exhausted from the heat (it was only 86 degrees F today, though). I imagine it wouldn't hurt to try to put her in a warm bath, but I'm not sure... It's getting dark here, and I'm wary of doing anything where she might be damp when she goes to bed. I can certainly keep her inside though.

Does anyone have a similar experience with these symptoms? Is it safe to leave her overnight, or should I try the treatment now? I would appreciate any help!



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