Pallet as a roost - why didn't I think of this before?

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Nov 23, 2020
Upstate New York
I'd read about using old pallets as building materials for coops (we have a ton of them) and had hatched a plan to build a pallet-coop, but we decided since our town actually required building permits and a plan (it only reauthorized chicken keeping last year) we'd be safer with the permit approvals getting a kit. (This turned out to be an accurate assessment; they actually reviewed a six-bird coop for aesthetics!)

So for some reason I stuck pallets in the back of my mind until, duh, lightbulb, I finally thought of this the other day. It took the hens all of about a minute and a half to make it their favorite place in the yard. (Not exaggerating).

I picked one out without protruding nails and gave it a quick rough sand where there were any major burrs or splinters, but otherwise a low-effort addition.

I'll hack together a prop for it from another pallet later but so far the utility buckets are pretty secure supports.
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Pallets make great run "clutter" (see this helpful thread). I've currently got two of them in my own run.

You couldn't use them for night roosts very well since chickens like to roost with their feet flat, but they are wonderful for all sorts of daytime-use applications. :)

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I love your yard! It looks like a Chicken Six Flags!!

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