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I hope I posted this in the right section. My dog recently had a bout with prancreatis last week end. This resulted in him staying in the vet hospital for three days. After reading here on the internet about it I am sure by the symptoms it was his pancreas. It came about very suddenly-in the matter of hours. The vet told me he was to be put on a bland diet of white rice, chicken (not fried) and scrambled egg. I was just wondering if anyone here has had this problem with their dog. My dog Dodge is doing well and he is eating this diet. Will he continue to have to eat this diet or put on special dog food? He goes back to his vet in another week for another x ray. The vet thought he may have a [problem with his pancreas due a mass on the x ray. Any info would be helpful.


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Dogs can get pancreatitis for a few reasons. Most often people food (rich gravy, 'chinese take out', high fat/sugar etc containing food is blamed). I have never had a problem feeding 'people food' but the veggies are raw or steamed, yogurt and low fat cottage cheese, the occasional egg, a little rice or pasta without sauce, small pieces of bread.... that type of 'people food' has never been a problem in any of my dogs in almost 20 years.
Your dog should be on a bland diet until the pancreas settles down. Your vet may suggest a certain diet but most dogs are able to eat 'regular' dog food. If the pancreas has a mass, that would add problems (i.e may require surgery). Hope your dog is going to recover quickly and you can figure out what the cause is/was. I had pancreatitis years ago, it was very painful and I could not eat for a while.


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I had a dog who became very ill from pancreatitis after he found a cup of hamburger grease and ate the whole thing. He was a Llhasa Apso so he's pretty small. It seems that a meal or two of unusually high fat food can cause this, and the hamburger grease was certainly that.

The vet actually gave him some medicine but he was put on a white rice and hamburger diet for a week. The hamburger was low fat, cooked and then rinsed to get rid of extra fat. Most of what he ate was the rice. He recovered nicely and went on to live for many more years.

My cocker spaniel, who eats anything has a tendency to pancreatitis so I keep her on a low fat diet. Some of the dry dog foods for overweight dogs are pretty low fat. I supplement the protein by boiling chicken breasts and hamburger.

Good luck, Mary

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