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    My Chooks are always panting and I have been doing everything I can to cool them down. They run around panting, They pant standing and sitting and make noises while panting that sound like it hurts! They refuse to drink the cold water I put out for them!

    Is there something wrong with them?! How can I help them stop panting?!

  2. OnewChook

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    Not even a peep or cheep?!
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    Nov 15, 2008
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    Panting is their natural way to deal with the heat. If it is really hot where you are, as long as you are providing them with plenty of water, and shade, then I wouldn't worry too much. Some people put fans in the coops on hot days, you could try it, see how they like it.
    Oh, and some people will give them cold watermelon, i have done this and they seem to enjoy it.
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