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Mar 21, 2007
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For my english composition II class we were allowed to pick any subject we wanted and argue a topic. I decided to argue the topic that keeping chickens in your backyard a great idea. My thesis is- "keeping chickens in your backyard has many more benefits then drawbacks because although they can be loud and smell, chickens provide the family with fresh eggs, meat, manure, and even pest control. The problem is that the paper has to be around 5 pages long, and im having a lot of trouble getting it their. Im stuck at the end of page one lol. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!


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Aug 12, 2009
Maybe you can expand on each of the topics you mentioned.Also the cost and what is needed to have atleast 3 hens.Maybe talk about breeds.

I agree that having hens is somehow theraputic(sp).We have pets and I am finiding that hens are my favorite. My 3 girls are more quiet than all the yapping dogs by us.Shoot even the crows and hawk make more noise! Might be used to smells,but I can not smell anything and I did the deep litter method over winter. Plan to dump my litter to compost,so I will have rich soil for my gardens. So far my only negative was going out to the girls 2 times a day in bitter cold to give them warm food/water,but it was worth it.


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Pick the three most important aspects of chicken raising in the backyard that you think are the most important. Under each of those things jot down three reasons that that aspect is important. For instance, if you chose "chickens are therapeutic (meaning they make you feel good and keep depression away)", you might explain what it feels like to come home after school and do the chores and be rewarded by chortling hens. You might site a person (there are many on this forum who have shared) - you could do a search - why do you keep chickens or something like that) whose depression or loneliness has been relieved by keeping chickens. Then, jot down thoughts on your second aspect, perhaps it is receiving fresh eggs every day. Write down how a fresh egg looks - that deep orange yoke, the white that has form, the taste that can not be compared to a store bought egg, etc. Then do the same for your last aspect. Now you have to just take those three aspects and your notes and put all your notes into complete sentences. There you have the body of your paper. The last thing to do is to make sure you have two other paragraphs - one that introduces your paper, and one that wraps it all up in a concluding paragraph.

I think you will have a hard time keeping your paper under five pages! You have so much to share about the wonderful world of backyard chickens!
Good luck - actually there is nothing to do about luck when writing a paper. But persevere, keep asking yourself questions as you write, like, "When someone reads this, are they going to feel the same excitement that I have about this subject? How can I change this so that they do?"

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