Paper hornet/wasp nest destroyed

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    This nest was wrapped around a net tree tube (used to help keep deer off young trees but still give plenty of air and sway to the tree). It was about 1' off the ground at its lowest point and was about 1' tall, football shaped but more rugby ball sized. I think it was a bald faced hornet colony.
    Chickens free range in the vicinity.
    I'm not asking if it's OK for chickens to eat bees/wasps/hornets because a) I've read that thread and b) I couldn't stop them if I tried if they wanted to. My question is would chickens go after the paper and shred it, perhaps for the larva, or perhaps just for fun and because they could? I found tidbits of paper in a semicircle about 15' away. Also, the only part of the nest destroyed was what is outside the tube. If it had been a bear or even raccoon/opossum , I think he would have taken the whole tube.
    I'm just curious.

    They weren't bothering anything or anyone where they were...except maybe the chickens.
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    How about...they'd shred it just for fun, then go wild and throw it all over the place when they found out there were goodies hidden inside! [​IMG]

    I know mine would!

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    Definetly sounds like a bald faced hornet nest. They use them for only one season and then they move on.... While they are around they are extremely beneficial. They kill and eat most other insects...including flys and their very clost cousin the yellowjacket. If they are not in a walking path then it is best to leave them as they are such a benefit to chicken owners. About the paper...idk... My chickens play with just about anything.

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