Paralysed leg/sleepy chicken


5 Years
Sep 20, 2014

Went down to clean out our coop yesterday and discovered one of my girls laying on the floor, leaning over to one side. I bought her out, thinking that she was dying and didn't want to leave her with the others. She opens her eyes when I pick her up and I've managed to get her to drink some water and eat a bit of corn. Shes still there now, she doesn't seem to be doing much apart from laying there with her eyes closed. She's still going to toilet okay. Her left leg also appears to be paralysed? I've never had a problem with my girls before so completely at a loss. She's about 18months old. If you can help that would be great, thanks
Kinda sounds like Marek's... Definitely look it up.

Isolate her quick!! Don't know for sure, but if it is... Highly contagious. Recommend getting her to a vet, if possible. But isolate her no matter what.

Good luck! I hope it ain't Marek's

Sorry. Typo
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