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  1. chicgirl03

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    Mar 30, 2008
    Okay I posted before about my little chick that I got from TSC and not sure if she has been vac'd or not. From what I've read prolly not from a place like that.

    She is still eating and drinking but her breathing is more rapid than the others and I thought she was doing better about getting around but she still kind of flops/crawls in her box. When I hold her she stands up a bit more on her legs and trys to crawl all over me. So is it paralysis if she uses them some?

    I've also read about scrambled egg and baby vitamins?

    Does it sound like she has some kind of disease? I've read about mareks and cocci. I have her seperated from the others and am trying to make her comfortable. I just would like to do something more for her if possible.

    Right now she is on Dumor starter feed non medicated I believe and terramycin water as I was instructed to do by TSC.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I doubt the terramycin will help this symptom... I remember someone asking you if her legs were spraddled... are you giving the vitamins (cant hurt might help)

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