Paralyzed, but alert...what to do?

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    Oct 13, 2014
    HI Everyone,

    I've got an old Red Sexlink who seems to have Marek's Disease. Her legs are both paralyzed so she can't walk. I found her in the corner of the coop the other day being eaten by the other birds. Not a fun day.

    I have taken her out of the coop and she's now in the house and healing up nicely. But she appears to be in pretty bad shape as she's not eating and only drinking minimally. I am afraid her time might be limited.

    What do people generally do in this kind of situation. I am worried that if I take her to the vet that they'll recommend we put her down. I guess I am holding out hope. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Feb 7, 2014
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    If it is Mareks then many of birds eat ravenously while still losing weight. If she is not eating she may not have long to live, and honestly that may be a blessing.

    As far as "most people", some with paralyzed Mareks birds feed and care for them for weeks or months hoping they might recover, others will put them down.
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    Have you offered her wet food?
    Mix water with the layer feed to make a wet mash and see if she eats it. I have a vision impaired hen that is on wet food now and improving. Not sure it can help yours or not but worth a try if you are looking to try and save her.

    Personally if she is paralyzed I would not want her to suffer. I would either put her down myself or have a vet do it if you cannot.

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