paralyzed white leghorn chick?

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May 29, 2010
I have a one-month old White Leghorn pullet that can't walk. By that I mean whenever it tries, it sometimes falls on its right side with its leg and wing stuck out. I have also noticed that its right eye sometimes twitches. It is not strong enough to prech on a roost, and I have never seen it fly and jump in the air. Could it be possible it is paraylzed on the right side or something like that?
I would look up Marek's and botulism. Both will paralyze birds.

Without more info this is the best I can think of.
Odd, I have a white leghorn about 5 weeks experiencing the same thing. He was perfectly fine, then one morning, I found him on his side. In his own box now, unable to move at all. Nothing obvious... will drink vitamin water and eat yogurt with the aid of a dropper. No improvement, several days. I'm thinking he may have been injured overnight because it was SO sudden. I thought Marek's develops more slowly.

Please keep us updated on any progress or treatments you find?

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