paranoid ughhhhh


11 Years
Nov 25, 2009
I have hatched many eggs locally in my bator. I never had anything bad happen, never dropped any or cracked them on accident. Its funny now that I have more precious shipped eggs. I accidentally cracked one and I am very cautious! Maybe too cautious. Seems like the more precious, the more things goo wrong. I mean, I never worry about my local eggs. I am soooo paranoid with these shipped eggs! Driving me crazy. Seriously, I have never wanted eggs to hatch more than I want these too! lol I mean, I am sooo paranoid about these eggs right now.... never stop thinkin bout em.
Don't think about elephants!!!

See what you did?? You just thought about elephants! Little secret, your mind does not hear the NOT, DON't, NO in your thoughts. So if you keep saying DON'T break the eggs! Don't crack one! All you are really hearing is break the eggs! Crack them.

The same when you're telling yourself not to screw up or my favorite, I am NOT sick! All you are focusing on is being sick.

The eggs are safe. The eggs are safe. The eggs are healthy and hatching!

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