Paranormal Activity (movie)

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    I posted this on another forum as well...

    Any of yall seen it?
    Sitting here in the dark of my bedroom I kinda want to watch something scary. This movie came to mind and made me laugh..

    My SO and I have seen both the first and second one. If you watch them during the day I could see how you say they are so-so movies..
    Watching them in the dark of your own house is another story.

    We were watching the first one for a second time earlier this year. The about the middle of the movie the SO stands up and starts to leave the room.
    I promptly ask him, 'Where are you going?' to which he replied 'Bed. I cant watch this or I wont sleep.'

    Hes not really one to get like that but I still thought to myself, "wuss"
    After sitting there for a few more minutes in the dark, alone, with this movie I started getting a tad scared myself. (and yes.. I did turn it off.)

    Anyone else been a little spooked by them?

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