Parinoid about how my SL wyandotte chicks will turn out...

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8 Years
May 31, 2011
Warrenton, Virgina
I am doing my first hatch from my best silver laced wyandottes. The father is from Foleys line (he is my profile picture) and the 3 girls I bred who's babies these are are of "unknown" bloodlines (pictures of them below). I was very picky when choosing them to breed and feel they are a good representation of the breed. I picked one of the 3 to send to the fair and got a best in breed so I know that there has to be good attributes in her. So far I have 12 hatched with more on the way. The oldest have started to get a few feathers in but they are dirty/ mossy. I'm probably just being paranoid about them... they are still very young and barely have any feathers in... Your thoughts?

Chick 1# (picture 1 and 2)

Chick 2# (picture 3 and 4)

Hens/mothers (pictures are of my hens not from internet)

Wow, wow, wow. Your hens are gorgeous! That's my thoughts
. Sorry, am not familiar with this breed!
They are beautiful, I haven't had chickens for years and this is the breed I chose to get this time Mine are 7 weeks and just starting to be really pretty. I am surprised to find that they are very friendly and allow me to pick them up and spoil them. Good luck with your babies!~!~!
Thank you very much :).

Mine are super sweet as well. Definitley my favorite breed. My rooster has gotten a "bee in his bonnet" lately though... I bet he thinks I am taking his hens from him haha. How are your chicks looking at this age? I'd love to see some pictures of them :).
YOUR slw'S ARE SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! mine are hatchery birds so I know they won't be that pretty but I love them, I am getting some eggs from my nephew they are blue laced reds from a grand champion pair and I will try my luck at incubating, a little daunting though!

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