Parrot Eggs??

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    Jul 12, 2016
    So I know it's probably a long shot. I've been looking for parrot hatching eggs. it doesn't really matter what kind, just in general some type of parrot, ie. cockatoo cockatiel, so on and so forth. Does anybody know where I could get them? Or if it's even legal?
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    This question has been asked before, but the short answer is -- not a good idea. Parrots feed the chicks after they hatch, every hour or 2 at first. Parrots lay a small clutch and then brood, so not many extra eggs. If you could find a breeder who would sell eggs, they would be expensive and the hatch rate not good in an incubator. All these reasons are why parrot chicks are expensive. A breeding pair is the best start to breeding and raising parrots. You need to have some parrot experience before some breeders will even sell you one of their babies, too. I used to interview prospective buyers & I only bred Cockatiels.
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    Sep 1, 2018
    buy a breeding pair. I would hate to spend a ton of money on eggs and then not have a good hatch rate.
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    Like stated above it's legal, but usually a scam. Reputable breeders are not going to sell hatching eggs that have a low chance of being hatch-able after shipping. Why waste them? Parrots usually only clutch once or twice a year. Some species more often than that but you could lose an entire clutch that the parents or breeder could have incubated. The loss of a clutch like that can range from several hundred dollars to many thousands depending on the species. That's just dumb.

    And feeding a baby parrot of any species from day one is not for the faint of heart. It isn't that it can't be done, but it is time intensive and it's easy for a new handfeeder to do something wrong.

    It would be much easier on yourself to find a breeder selling handfed babies. Weaned is probably best, but there's no reason if the breeder is within driving distance that they teach you how to hand feed so you could finish the weaning process at home.

    Why don't you try contacting a breeder like my friend and see what she has available:
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