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    Hey out there in garden land. Does anyone grow parsnips? I have planted parsnips from three different seed companies over the last two years and can't get them to germinate let alone grow. What are the tricks to this? I always treat them like carrot seeds but apparently that's not the right way. I have been gardening for 30 plus years and this is the only thing I've never been able to grow that I've tried and it's frustrating me! Help, please and thank you!!
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    viability of parsnip seed is very short. year at most. so you have to use the freshest seeds. All seeds have germination temperature, temperature range for the seed to sprout.

    Parsnips are one of the harder ones to sprout. If you do a search, most will tell you to plant three seeds per "hole" and that's about right. Needs rich soil. Need to keep the soil moist. Need to keep temperature warm 24/7. may take a month or so to germinate so be patient.

    I start harvesting my parsnip in Nov, Dec. Makes them sweeter. Same goes with spinach. Great winter veggies. If you want to try now start in a germination tray with electric heat pad underneath. prep and get a cold frame or greenhouse/hoop house ready. lots of compost loose fryable soil to depth of 12" or more. When the seedlings are 2 inches high or so, harden off slowly in the cold frame/greenhouse then after about a week or two, transplant.

    Parsnip takes about 120 days to maturity. so slow growing.Have to be patient with them.
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    One of my sisters used to plant her parsnips, then place a board over the row to assist in the germination process. I've tired it with some success. Plant early and maybe even often. I have had trouble with them too. Gardening moren 50 years now. Sorta enjoyable, aint it !
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    I grow parsnips in NC....and save my own seed....I'm germinating seeds now...I use a winter sown method....gallon milk jugs...remove the cap for air cut them in half all the way around to the handle leave the back area uncut so it works like a lid...punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage...add some potting soil...sow your seeds....set the top back down and tape it shut. mini green house....leave it outdoors....doesn't matter how cold...the thawing and refreezing of a great natural stratification the spring when they start to germinate....and it's at least 40 deg...pop the top off and you'll have some pretty strong little plants.... this is a seed sharing person I know, you can find all of her information here this is where I learned, as far as the fresh seeds...will check and see if I have any to share seeds, that's what I do...I grow the Heirloom Hallow Crown Parsnip...hope this helps....

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