part of the wing is broken but still flaps


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
new mexico
I bought three chickens. They two months old and a week. We were taking them out side to get used to the yard. When the got attacked by a dog. One flew away. The red one got plucked pretty bad and had damage to the wings. I think its "elbows" are exposed. We have kept triple antibiotic on her. She eats and drink,but sleeps allot. The third one has wing damage. she still flaps it, but where her"armpit" is its ripped. I tried using all the direction i found to restrain it but she gets out of it. The wing itself is in tack its just a small clipping that is lose. She keeps trying to take it off. Oh and she is pretty plucked also. If there something i should cover out with. I needed general help. They are for pets. I don't eat meat, and my family loves them. So any recommendation would be help full. Thank you

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