Partner died and I don't want chickens - in MA

So sorry for your loss.:(
Try posting in your state thread.
Your local craigslist, under farm and garden section, may be helpful as well. Helps to include some good photos.
Local feed store may have a bulletin board as well.
Good luck and take care. :)
Uxbridge Massachusetts? Oh no, that's hours away from me. If I were closer I would love to have your girls! I hope you find them a loving home, they deserve it. Maybe you should consider keeping them? I'm so sorry about your partner :hugs, but hens do have a tendency to lift spirits. Good luck on finding your girls a home!
Hey Mike, I'll post this on the Maynard Chicken FB page. How many do you have? Are they all girls?
If you need help transporting them when the time comes, let me know.
: )

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