Partridge rock chick?


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
My DH and I are new to the world of chickens and were hoping we could get some help figuring out what this little chick is. The guy at TSC said he thought it was a partridge rock but another lady there said it wasn't. I looked online and it looks just like the partridge rock chick pictures. Also I'm sure it's to early to tell but if anyone has any ideas whether its a pullet or roo that would be great! Thanks!

Thanks! We were really hoping the chick was a pullet since we're not planning on keeping any roosters and it is our children's favorite. :(
Ok thanks do you no anything about them? Do they fit in well with buff orphingtons, Columbian rocks,aranucana? If you no please comment thank u soo much
I've only had a handful of partridge Rocks, but they always did very well in my mixed flock. Plus, they're such pretty eye candy!!

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