Party in the brooder last night!


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I got up this morning and went to take care of the girls and discovered that they had been partying all night! What a mess. They had kicked up the pine shavings to the corner where the water sits up on a block of wood. Needless to say all that was left of the water was a soggy mess of pine shavings. They had also managed to tip over the mason jar feeder and empty the contents all over.

They must have been doing the chicken dance all night:lol:

Any suggestions on how to keep this from happening again?
My brooder is a wire cage and put the water on top of a small jar so they can reach it to drink but not to play. I put it in the corner and run an old shoestring around it and tie to the wires to keep it from falling over.
I've found that when the chicks get big enough they will jump up on the quart sized waterers and feeders. One thing that you can do is to use a gallon sized waterer (it has a bigger base) and also find a feeder that has a wider base. Put the waterer up on bricks or something to raise it up to help keep the shavings from being kicked into it. Chicks are funny aren't they?

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