Pastey Butt!!!


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May 21, 2011
One of my SLW chicks was acting lothargic, and upon closer inspection my wife noticed that she had poop caked on her. I'm not sure if i did the right thing, but i used warm water and a qtip to clean her, and she is acting much more energetic today and is even eating some. Am I out of the woods???? or is there something else i need to be doing?????
She is about a week old, she is so much more energetic today!
I will keep checking on her.... Thanks
I have had a pasty butt a couple of times in the past. . . ... .
I found that is was happening when they were young and eating their bedding. Now, I use nothing but a towel for the first 5 days.
By then they know what food is, they are drinking good, and their digestive system is fully operational.
I change the towel every other day and they do just fine.

By the end ot the week, I can switch them over to wood shavings and they will still try eating it. . . but they give up quickly and return to their normal food.

You shouldn't see any more pasty butt by the end of week two. . .
It might come back a little bit between now and then, but it sounds like she is pretty much over it.
My Rhode Island Red got it last night and through out today. Wasn't sure what to do cause I just got her yesterday and its my first run at chickens. I will put towels down and try and clean her with a q tip. Can she die from this? What did you mean by "out of the woods"?

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