Pastured vs Non Pastured Inards

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    Over the weekend I had around 50 of my birds to process. I had a friend who had gotten chicks at the same time, and he asked me if I would do his while I was doing mine, which I said I would. We both used the same feed, but mine were on pasture and his were in a stationary pen. I decided to do his first so I could have him come get them right away. Well, from the first bird on, I couldn't believe the difference. As soon as I made the vent cut to open up his birds, the smell was horrible. I have processed a few hundred of mine this year, and not one of them had a smell like these. It was down right gross. Also, the livers on his looked much different. Another big difference was how easy it was to get the insides all cleaned out. I had to scrape and scrape to get his clean, but mine would come clean with one swipe of the lung scraper on most of them. When I got his done, I completly cleaned all my tools and knives, and disinfected everything his had touched.

    Anyone else ever have a similar expirience? What do you think is the reason? I have my own thoughts, but I thought it would be neat to see what others thought.
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    very interesting . . . my GUESS would be the extra processed feed fermenting in the gut, in addition to the fact that they probably consumed a lot of shicken sh#t. Also that the grass in yours probably kept the feed moving along as compared to sitting and fermenting.
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    I think chlorophyll found in plants are natural deodorizers. The roughage probably kept the innards active and healthy too.

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