pasty butt again!!


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Oct 25, 2020
Hi Everyone,

i hatched my first chickens two weeks ago today - 5 out of 6 eggs hatched - great! so the second born had a huge amount of the yolk sac attached to her, this dried out and she seemed fine, eating and drinking and investigating etc. 3 days later she seemed poorly not taking part with the others not eating or drinking and noticed her bum was dirty. googled and found this site so followed advice from others, silts bath, drops of oil and gave her egg yolk to boost her nutrients. this worked amazingly and two days later she was back to normal although much smaller than the others. everything was going great until this morning shes back to straining and nothings coming out, i have gave her a silts bath and yolk again. she is still eating and drinking but in between going back to the heat lamp and trying to sleep standing up or leaning against the side of the brooder.

im at a complete loss as to how to help her.. is this likely to be the case with her on and off or is there something i can do to make things a bit easier for her to digest and poo?


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Apr 9, 2020
I think I can help you.

If you live in the USA try to find a TSC and get Sav-A-Chick probiotics and electrolytes.
Probiotics link Here
Electrolytes link Here
If you live outside of the US, try to find probiotics/ electrolytes at a feedstore.
Plain greek NONFAT yougurt can help with digestion. Don't get Vanilla.

As for pasty but treatments, my chicks had pasty butt and all you need to do is just run their butt under warm water, use a gentle soap and pick it off.

Hope this helps :)


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Dec 11, 2009
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The poor little thing may be "failur-to-thrive" due to the improper absorption of the natal yolk. I've managed to propel a couple such chicks through this with Poultry Nutri-drench and special feedings of crumbled tofu and soft boiled egg. (The white of the egg has important nutrients, too.)

One of the perils for such a chick is the tendency to be constipated. Yours may be tempting that. Introduce a little oil into its food or give a few solid bits of coconut oil directly into its beak when you suspect it's becoming backed up.


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Oct 25, 2020
Thanks everyone I will try your advice my heart breaks for her I really hope she can overcome this she’s such a sweet little thing ☺

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