pasty butt / poop wing?


5 Years
Jul 28, 2014
Squaw gap ND
So I've had a chick for about 2 weeks that has pasty butt ... been checking her/him everyday once in a while cleaning the chick.

Yesterday I saw his feathers all wet and I thought it was blood! I freaked out and grabbed it and turned out to be poop all over and under her right wing?! Was this a doing of another chick? Or did she somehow do it herself? She seemed fine running around and chirping with the other 10.

There are 6- 2 week olds
and 5- 3 weeks old

Thanks !
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Wipe/wash it off and keep checking her for "PB"... she/he probably was laying on that side and dust bathing..they do thrash around laying on one side or both sometimes...makes ya think they lost equilibrium and are gonners. Or it was laying under a roost you have in the brooder. Chicks will be chicks.
It was in the brooder, the older chicks can fly out and perch on the edge.... maybe it wanted to dust bath in its own. Fecies.... cuz it was runny and brown under her wing. ... none of my other chicks have that problem... and the more and more I look at it looks like a male so all this hassle will just be supper one day... lol only straight run I got was 2 speckled Sussex and the ones wings are WAY bigger then "patsy" we called him that cuz of the pastey butt lol:p

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