Pasty butt problems.

Nimueh Alene

6 Years
Apr 9, 2017
Sebastian county Arkansas
Why My chicks are getting pasty butt ? They are not shipped ,brooder is clean, fresh water and feed. I don't understand what I am doing wrong . I have a Brinsea ecoglow. Are they too hot ? How do I prevent this? I raise Serama and they are so tiny to work with and I am terrified I'll hurt them.. I have a new setting going into the brooder tomorrow... I scrubbed everything and allowed it to dry.
I lost a chick with a broody hen to pasty butt today. I didn't think that was a problem with chicks raised naturally.
Too much heat can cause it, so can not enough. I'm not familiar with using a heat plate so I can't give advice. I once read sprinkling cornmeal on their feed can help though I haven't tried it. I generally see it not at all or on one chick in a batch. If multiple chicks are having trouble than it must have a common denominator.
Used to be trouble for us years ago. Now we add ACV with the mother to the water and all chicks are fine. Apple cider vinegar with the mother is a good probiotic for them.
Feed them all flock and daily fresh water ..think my problem is my brooder plate doesn't keep my water warm. It was cold when I changed it. So my chicks are under a heat lamp now water is staying warm. Problem seems to be going away. As for the chick with the hen?

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