pasty butt

Get some luke warm water. Grab the chick and stick it's little butt in the water and move it around. This should soften it enough to break it up. Next get some dirt and put a small pile next to the feed. This will help keep the pasties away.
If it's just a little poop on the feathers, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just check the vent (as you are doing) and make sure they poop once in a while. You can cut the poop off if you can get it away from the skin, but it is nerve wracking for me to do!
I was just wondering the same thing, they have dried poop stuck to their little butts, one was getting a little much and I used a wet warm paper towel. It wasn't easy, and the little gal wasn't to happy about it. If it is dried and just on the feather's should we leave it alone, and only worry if it is becoming balled up, and would potting soil work? I've never heard of the dirt thing:barnie

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