Pasty butt


Nov 13, 2020
Upstate New York
I have a light Brahma chick, six days old today, that has been getting pasty butt for the past three. I’ll clean it off and she’ll be good for the rest of the day but then in the morning it’s back again. The brooder is kept at 90F with a corner that is at 80F. She’s in with only one other chick and a newspaper floor. I’m feeding them start and grow purina non medicated because I have silkies that eat it still. They are in the same room as the silkies, who are three weeks older, in a see but can’t touch scenario. What can I do to stop her from getting pasty butt? This is my first chick that has had it consistently.
Lower the temp of the brooder. Despite all of the 95 F the first week, 90 the second, etc., etc., they really don't need to be that warm. Or at least have an area that's cooler than 80 for them to get to.
Alright. I can raise the light and move it to the side more. Thank you. I thought that might be the issue but I kept reading they need a higher temp in the brooder. So I was weary of lowering it too much.

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