Pasty Butt...


10 Years
Oct 26, 2009
I'm keeping on top of the few chicks with pasty butt. They're 4 days old now, drinking and eating like crazy but a few still have pasty butt. I check/clean them twice a day. How long can this last and is there anything I can do to help it pass?
Otherwise everyone is strong, happy and healthy. Thanks!

Sometimes a little vaseline on the bumm helos. Also, when the heat source is to close to the food...............they tend to get it more. WHY, i have noooo clue!
It will last until they feather out. It's the fuzz getting in their way of their poop that is the issue... so they get feathers back there... they get "cured" lol.

I always just keep the area clean. It doesn't take long before it isn't a issue anymore. At least in my opinion.
I find that my chicks almost always get pasty-butt at 3-4 days.
3 things work for me.
Using a humidifier in the brooder room seems to help a lot. After I clean each pasty but the first time,
I trim all the fuzz really short with tiny scissors & goop on vaseline for a few days, and no more pasty butt.

If I remember to get the brooder area humid up to 35-40% the second day, they don't get pasty butt.
If you have one that gets too messy, take her to the kitchen sink, and run the water until it is warm, use a gentle spray and a Q-Tip and gently wash it clean. Then just kind of blot the little critter fairly dry with a clean kitchen towel, and put it back in the brooder under the lamp. It'll dry out in no time, and might solve the problem for a few days, at least. Worked for me...


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