Patchy feathers and not laying eggs???


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9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Hey, so I've been on here before but took a fairly large hiatus, but now I'm back again. My chickens haven't laid eggs in a week and they also have really patchy feathers, is there possibly a nutrient that they are deficient in?
How old are the chickens? It sounds like they are molting, half of mine are doing it right now also since it is fall. I usually up their protein a little to help them grow their new feathers and I usually do put a vitamin mix in their water. Mine will pretty much quit laying while they are molting, depends on the hen, but most of them seem to take about two months to get going again. Double check for mites/lice (this wet weather seems to be bringing the bugs out) but my first guess would be molt.

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