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    Hi, I'm very new and planning a coop. I keep reading about burying wire. We have very hard clay filled ground. I really don't want to dig this down 2'.... I was wondering about using 18" inch concrete pavers under the base of coop and border of run. Thoughts? We have coyotes in the forest nearby but I'm in a suburb and they have not come near the homes before. Tons of raccoons too but I'm hoping they're satisfied with dumping out my compost regularly and eating that!
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    Concrete pavers and stone slabs are what I use (see photos in my profile). They work well against the type of predators we encounter, fox and racoon.
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    I've read reports here of coyotes moving pavers and gaining access to the run. We had a BYC member from AZ who lost an entire pen of chickens this way. I would consider putting in an apron--a piece of wire that extends out perpendicularly from the wall of the run and coop. If your soil is too hard, just lay the wire on top of the ground and pin it down. Unless you live in the desert, like me, grass will grow over and cover it. I used old 2" X 4" welded wire salvaged from another project to use as an apron. We also have very hard soil, so I buried it just under the surface during the rainy season when the soil is a bit softer. It was a lot of work, but every time I go out there and find the holes where coyotes were digging I'm glad I put in the extra effort. Your local coyotes will eventually find your chickens. Good luck!

    Here are a couple pics of my apron installation, you can read more details about it on "My Coop" page:



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