paypal issues anyone?


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has anyone had this happen...

yesterday i sent out 3 payments. idk what happened, but 2 of the 3 went to people that i didnt tell it to send to. i had copied and pasted the email addresses, but it entered it's own... and i didnt catch it. just now, when i went to make a payment for one of them, since i still had enough money in my account, it sent it to one of the 2 that it did that morning (still the wrong person). thankfully, that person is a byc member, and i'm hoping will be very honest...actually, i know she will, because she sent a pm after the first glitch asking why i was giving her a refund when she hadnt even candled the eggs she received yet. but the 2nd person is an ebay person, and, well, we know they aren't all very honest.

i've never had this happen before, where it insets random people even if you cut and paste.
Not necessarily.

Paypal WILL substitute in an email address that is similar if it is typed in wrong. Email the people you sent the money to by mistake to explain what happened, them request a refund. They they don't send you one within 3 days, file a dispute with paypal and make paypal give it back to you. Hopefully you won't have to resort to that, but it's an option.

If you bought something on Ebay, why did you have to use the Send Money option? You can use paypal to pay straight from Ebay - it's right there on the auction page you won.
i didnt use the send money option for the ebay item... but the name it substituted in was from a person from ebay. i'm not sure what happened. hopefully it gets straightened out, and from now on, i know to be very very careful about the names. my fault totally for not double checking before i hit send.
You do know you can cancel a payment right away. I accidently left a letter out of my brothers e-mail and it sent the money to the "wrong" e-mail. I was able to cancel the payment. It held the money for a couple of days but other than that was not a problem.

ETA: It probably helped that the wrong e-mail is a nonexistent person because my brother runs his own server and only good friends and family would have an e-mail through it.
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