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So I sold some test eggs for $15.00 PayPal took .74 out of my $15

I then went to ship them (they are less than 1 pound) and it was $5.05!

Paypal (Ebay-same company) made a small fortune off me in the past several years. I prefer Postal Money Orders! It just takes a bit more planning when shipping eggs. I look at it like , I would rather help my local PO stay in business(threatening to close it) Rather than make Ebay richer.
I don't sell eggs, but I sure do buy a ton of um. I would think that a seller would factor in the fees from paypal and shipping.

I have been roooooyalllllllly reemed by dishonest people selling eggs on ebay. If it wasn't for ebay and paypal policies, I would be out literally hundreds of $$$. I would rather pay a little extra for fees then be up a creek without the perverbial paddle.

Honestly as a buyer, I wouldn't buy from someone who said I had to "gift" the money.
Yeah....I did not think of that...darn! LOL

If they are test eggs, just tell the person that wants them that there is a shipping and handeling charge of say 6 or 7 buck(depending on how many eggs you sell and shipping charges). No one should give you a hard time over that. Buyers understand (or should) how much shipping costs. Not to mention the extra paper and bubble wrap you sellers have to use to securely wrap the eggs.

Just be upfront on your charges and sellers should not have a problem paying a little extra for fee costs. At least I wouldn't.
Gift / personal payments are not covered by PP seller or buyer protection policies, no good for ebay. Sometimes buyers on a private forum I sell small things on pay that way without me mentioning or asking, only trouble I have is paypal shipping doesn't work on personal payments so if you print labels you have to use a different site like, or just go to the PO.
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I had good success , trusting people to send a MO and I went ahead and shipped eggs. I received all the money and have orders for more eggs.
I know there are people out there that will take advantage but I would rather do this and get my eggs out than deal with PP. I shut down my account with them and I no longer deal with Ebay either.

This way may not be for everyone, but I was raised to "do unto others" so trusting people is part of my nature and it has worked.

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