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PDZ Experiment in Brooder

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by tomecarsley, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. tomecarsley

    tomecarsley In the Brooder

    Thanks goes out to TheSpoiledChicken in the thread at https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/621363/poop-board-convert-warning-graphic-gross-poop-pictures for introducing me to PDZ

    PDZ: A product marketed as a horse stall refresher and ammonia absorber that is added to bedding. Available in powder and pellets. Pellets are still tiny, much like course sand.
    Mine was purchased at TSC at 9.99 for 25lbs, pellet.

    First use: Was only a sprinkling, light dusting really approx 1/2 a coffee can full, after removing bedding from my 4x 5 brooder w/12 4&3 week old chicks. After adding the PDZ I added shaved pine bedding.
    Result: Wet spots on the brooder floor did dry up and that usual lingering odor even after bedding change did go away. Short lived though because the poop-machines that chicks are they messed up the brooder in no time and the stink began coming back. I sprinkled more over the heaviest areas.
    Poop stayed wet on top until it was scratched down into contact with PDZ dusting. Stink back by next morning.

    Second Use: 2 days later. Cleared out the old bedding. Probably used 2x as much PDZ, again on the floor before adding fresh bedding. Basically the same result though with a higher mix poop did get dried up better, stink did stay down and I also augmented the PDZ each time I check food and water. In the heavy traffic areas around the food and water containers the PDZ needed the most addition. In other areas where the chicks sat the PDZ did dry out the poop.

    Chicks pecking at PDZ freaked me out but it turns out the pellets will be nothing more than grit to the chicks digestive system.

    Third use: 2 days later. there is a definite change in the offensiveness of the odor. Not so harsh. The floor is looking much better as the wetness has been soaked up and out of its pores.
    Cleared out old bedding. Dusted the bare floor with 1 coffee can of PDZ added the bedding then added 1 more coffee can over the bedding which got mixed in as the chicks walked and scratched. Seems to be the best way. Poop comes into contact with PDZ right away and can start sucking up the ammonia faster.

    I think I found the right formula.

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