Peachick with torn tendon from the back of "knee" ..... What else ????

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    I was just given a 2/3 month old white peachick that has a torn tendon, that should be in the middle of the backside of his "knee"/elbow", but is off to the side and making his foot/leg turn. He was normal yesterday. Their is a bubble of swollen skin towards the inside. I've iced it's leg, then splinted it the best I can with stiff cardboard and vetwrap, with the leg stretched totally out, and keeping the tendon in the closest position to "normal I could get it. What else can I do. I'm afraid a Vet visit is not an option. The last time I took one they wanted $500 to fix it.... Is their any hope for him?
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    Any one ???????? [​IMG]
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    not a clue, but this should put you back closer to the top of the list. [​IMG]

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