Peachicks hatching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Portland TN
I bought 4 eggs from Raven1 about a month ago, put them under a broody hen and yesterday 2 hatched healthy and happy! Got another one hatching this morning. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! The broody hen is a Blue Cochin neither hen or chick know they aren't blood related, ha! So we will see if the 4th egg hatches. Anyone got any points on raising peafowl? This will be my first time at it. How and at what age can you sex them?
My first tip would be to cage mama and babies. Peachicks have a way of dissapearing.... even with a good mom. You can sex them at about 4 months old when the boys start getting some blue feathers on their neck... the girls get green feathers on neck...
OH that is awesome!

Congratulations on your newest member of the family!

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