Peachicks shedding primary flight feathers, need studying.


9 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Hi members,
If you have peachicks that are approaching between 25th day and 38th days of age, I would like you to check the innermost primary flight feathers as I need to know the age in days when peachicks shed juvenile primary feathers 1st (innermost).

I'm working on moults of peafowls, with some help from MinxFox.

I found my male peachick had shedded the innermost primary feathers 1st on 9th February 1994, at age of 37 days old., it was hatched on 3rd January 1994.

But I am still not sure the 37th day is average days or late days, of peachicks shedding innermost primaries 1st.

Innermost primaries 1st are much smaller & narrower than outer primaries.

If your peachicks moult & drop their innermost primary feathers 1st-Please tell me & give me the age & hatching dates of peachicks.



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