Peachicks shedding primary flight feathers, need studying.


11 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Hi members,
I found the exact age when male peachick had shedded innermost juvenile primaries 1st, was 27 days old.

At 27th day the peachicks have 8 juvenile primaries, because innermost juvenile primary flight feathers had been shedded, and outermost juvenile primary flight feathers 10th are in pins.

I found the likely measurement for 3 innermost juvenile primary flight feathers, but not exactly.

P. 1st 134 mm
P. 2nd 148 mm
P. 3rd 162 mm

If these measurements are not correct, you can send me the correct measurement, but the feathers must be hold FLATTEN on table / desk to measure.

If day 27th (age) is not correct, please tell me the correct age in days when both male and female peachicks shedding their 130 mm-134 mm innermost primary flight feathers 1st.



I appreciate your help.

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Hey Clinton,
It looks really good, the work you are doing, congratulations
, i admire your dedication also...
Unfortunatly i cannot help you are i took no photos last season, and i currently have no peachicks sorry.. but again good job

P.S: Your Drawings are really good
Clinton you are putting alot of your time into this, just remember that you may find what would be a normal time......LOT of things can affect moult just lighting alone can change this, its a know fact like with racing homers, people will keep young birds in darken lofts, to stop young birds the young birds are not raced with missing flight feathers.

So late hatch peachicks molt may not be same as early hatch peachicks. Nature way of keeping a bird going into winter with out all their feathers.

Its great you are working on this....just a few thing to keep in mind. Some you may be getting fact from will not all be the same, heck some will keep more light on their birds even to 24 hrs ,and other just nature light.
Hi deerman,
Thankyou for email, moults can be either speed up or slow down by how much foods the peachicks eats.

Daily growth: 4 mm per day, but rarely 5 mm per day.

My 3 peachicks in mid 1990s, were under natural light and in outside pen.

Both juvenile and immature flight feathers grow at 4 mm per day.

Exact ages: 27 day old and 37 day old.

The moults of male peafowls between 22 month old and 42 month old, are still largely unknown and need lot of studying.

The moults of male peafowls between 27 day-old to 22 months old, are well known and been well studied by me, with moults of peachicks between 27 day old and 37 days old, are becoming well known and still in studying by me.

Train feathers grow at 7 mm per day.

Interesting behaviors:
Mother peahen groom the heads & plumages of peachicks, with beak,
Peachicks ride on back of mother peahen.
Immature peafowls of both sexes groom other each"s heads, with beaks.
Peachicks stand or sit under tail feathers.
Mother peahen feed peachicks by catch insects & pass insects to chicks.



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