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    Thanks so much for helping!
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  2. I agree as the number one killer of peachicks is cocci. Hen raised chicks tend to be stronger and healthier than brooder raised chicks as they have been subjected to cocci from day one and have built up immunities slowly. Losing one chick out of five is pretty good as they don't all build up that immunity at the same rate. The strong survive in nature and some losses are natural. Our brooder raised chicks are treated for cocci every two weeks until winter. Our hen-raised chicks are only treated as needed when we notice that they may be looking off.
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    Thank you, Everyone, who's jumped in to help. I went out immediately to purchase the meds and wormer that was recommended so I'm now armed to handle what I know about. I haven't seen any yellow poop, but will worm each bird today. I do have a turkey in another pen, but they are far apart. I'm happy to have the support from this board!
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  4. Remember that everything on the pen floor in the turkey pen is on the floor of the pea pen. We walk through our pens and track everything everywhere.

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