Peacock eggs - how long are they viable??

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I have 5 peacock eggs. 3 are at least two weeks old. The other two are slightly fresher. I have been turning them by hand just in case my peahen isn't turning them. She doesn't seem the least interested in going broody.

Does anyone know how old an egg can get and still start to develop when sat on?? I'm thinking of putting these under a broody hen.

Also, my peahen free ranges in the day. She has laid her eggs in the woods every year and gone broody. This year, we are keeping her in a pen with a house. She laid the eggs in the house, but seems reluctant to set them.

Does anyone know anything about peacocks?? Do you have any suggestions?? I'll appreciate any help I can get. THANKS!!
I'm not quite sure how long they are viable but going off of chickens I think 2 weeks would be getting pretty late to be viable People say that after 7 days, the hatch rate continues to go down.
If you put them under a hen I would do it now.

I have 5 peahens in a large aviary, and only 2 of them have ever gone broody. It has been in a corner of the pen, and underneath an oak tree that grows in there. Has she been laying the eggs in the same spot in the house? If so, that is a good sign. I think they feel comfortable in a sheltered, more enclosed area as this is where my hens have brooded before. Maybe make a smaller area? Or is the house she lays in pretty small?

I had someone recommend planting some bushes, etc that they could go hide and nest in, but haven't had a chance to do it or to figure out what to plant.

Sorry I'm not much help, but good luck!
I've had lots of chicken eggs hatch that were three weeks old and beyond. Don't know how far I would push it, but I do believe that we worry too much about eggs getting old. If it were me, I'd put them under a broody, and hope the peahen just keeps laying!

THANKS to both of you. You are a GREAT encouragement and help.

Yes, the house is small, about 4 feet long X 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide. My turkeys have LOVED this size house for hatching and raising their babies. I have pine shavings in there. I'm not sure she likes that. I think the idea of the oak tree is fantastic. Don't have time to grow one of those in there, but maybe I could put some bushes in the pen and move the eggs out there??

I have been turning the eggs in case she hasn't. I think I may just put these under a hen and see if she goes back to laying.

I found your suggestions very helpful. THANKS soooooo much!!

Hope you both have a GREAT DAY!!
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