Peacock has injured foot


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
Our peacocks were sparing & the baby came up lame.The baby is a year,& spoiled rotten:). The injury is on the pad of his foot right behind his claws.Its 4 days old swollen & warm.He uses it for balance when needed,but doesnt put any weight on it Its more of a puncture and about 1/4 deep.We couldnt see anything in it.I was thinking maybe an infection has started.Help,were both pittiful.
you should clean it out with some peroxide. I would keep him off his feet in a dog kennel for a day or two. put some antibiotic cream (neosporion works) on it for the infection and wrap it up for a few days changing the bandage daily. key point is keeping him off that foot and the wound clean. good luck Andy

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