peafowl eggs for hatching ??

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    Hello, this is my very first time on this thread.. I do not know a lot about peafowl..

    I hatchhed 6 eggs for a friend this summer.. then I traded some guinea keets for one of the peachicks.. I have no idea what kind or sex it is.. It is about the size of a small bantam chicken right now.. I am raising it with a Royal Palm turkey poult for companionship.. they are both growing at about the same rate..
    So far they are both handled almost daily, so they are quite tame..

    In the meantime, I bought a 1 1/2 year old India Blue Peacock.. He was very wild when I got him about a month ago, but he has tamed down a lot.. He free ranges with the rest of my birds..

    My questions are :

    #1,,, Are the peahens seasonal about laying eggs ?

    #2... Is there anybody here from Wisconsin, or close to our
    border who might have some eggs for me to hatch ?

    #3...I have a couple of friends who are looking for peahens..
    I would like to find an India Blue peahen in the 2 year old

    I would appreciate an answer to all of these questions..

    thank you....

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    Hi there and welcome to the peafowl threads, you'll find they are just (if not more) addicting than any other area of BYC! [​IMG]

    in answer to your questions.

    1. Yes, peafowl are seasonal layers. We are in Ohio, ours tend to lay from mid April into mid July. Everyone is done for the season now.
    2. if you check the UPA breeder list I am sure you will find someone in Wisconsin (or close) but doubt anyone would have eggs, maybe chicks though. Breeder list is here:
    3. Again, check the breeder list, there is also a classified section there. Might find someone with one to sell that will not need to be shipped. We do have one for sale but being in Ohio we'd need to ship it to you. UPA classifieds:

    Hope that helps! [​IMG]
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    If there's not anyone local that has eggs, you can always get them shipped when the season begins next year. Then you could get any color you wanted, rather than just what is sold locally. Since the breeding season is ending now, you'll have plenty of time to figure out what color you want to try to hatch!

    As for the hens, you can also check to see if there are any animal swap meets that go on in your state. I know Michigan and Indiana both have them. There is one in Hudsonville, MI (west side of the state) in october if you want to try to take a ferry with a peahen! XD I don't think they would let you probably, but worth a giggle to think of!
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