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May 19, 2011
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having a hard time finding feed for peafowl...

tsc has 'purina flock raiser' ( protein 20%)...i have been feeding them
dumor chick starter/grower 20% but they are getting older and i am sure
they must need something peafowl are between the ages
of 4months and 7months (8 of them)and one at 1 1/2years....
the oldest is doing fine but he probably needs different feed....

help please....need advice on what to feed them
i feed mine game bird feed and corn they love it just make sure you don't ever give them
medicated feed i heard that it will kill them
Where are you located?
I just ask this because TSC is a canadian store, and I would not buy anything other than wild bird feed from there. I have tried some of their chicken grower in the past, and the birds wouldn't even touch it. If you're in Ontario, the best place is from your local feed mill. Stay away from most medicated stuff, as they can render your birds infertile while they are on it. Best bet is a Duck/game bird starter for the chicks and a Duck grower for the adults. I supplement with the wild bird mixes, corn and oats during the winter months. Down here in Niagara, Minor Bros. carries a game bird layer mix. Its a bit on the fine side, but my birds did well on it last season.
There use to be different meds in some starters that was harmful to some birds. Not so anymore. Some people say not to do it because they want everything to be totally organic and feel that's the way everybody should do it. Having your own orgainc farm is great if thats what you want but without genetic and med improvements, we would be paying $25.00 for a gallon of milk and there would be a food shortage. That's why it is so great to live in a country where we can choose the path for us and our famlies!
Uh oh... What happens if you feed Peachicks more than 20% protien? And what about older Peas?

I raised my 2 baby IB Peachicks on 27% protein medicated Game Bird starter feed (medicated with Amprolium), with a 1/2 of boiled egg as a treat daily until they were 8 wks old, then I weaned them over to 24% protein unmedicated Game Bird mini pellets, with only the occasional egg treat until they were about 16 wks... from then on they've been getting a 50/50 mix of the 24% Game Bird pellets, 16% layer mini pellets, with some 32% protein cat fish diet and some sweet feed/wet cob mixed in. So basically they've been fed a diet containing well over 20% protein from 2 days old (they are now 8 months old as of this week)

My 2+ yr old IB Peacock and 6+ yr old IB Peahen that I just got a couple months back eat the same diet as I listed above for my 2 young Peahens... plus they all get some greens, assorted veggies and/or fruits each day and I give them unsalted shelled peanuts, cubed bread heals and maybe a little cat food here and there (as a treat). They also have free choice access to fine stem leafy alfalfa hay.

Other than the soy in the pelleted feeds... I thought I was feeding them pretty well
Are my Peas doomed?
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the 24% starter is ok for peachicks, but wouldn't add the eggs past a few days....problem with to high % you will; start seeing leg problems.

i feed medicated starter untill the chicks have been on the ground for a few weeks. which in my case about 3 months. adults 20%.

feeding medicated starter will save many peachicks.....cocci will kill young peachicks.....thats what the medicated feed if for.

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